De-stress Before You Go Home.

After a day of stress and pressure at the office, most of us arrive home cranky, tired and dishearten. We gave the best we had to our bosses, colleagues and customers and, sadly,  we have nothing left for the people we love the most: our spouses, children and friends.

Leave Me Alone!!

Like warriors who have just completed the battle of their lives, we tiredly walk to our comfy sofa and order family members to leave us alone until we regain our serenity.

Relax and Decompress

Taking ten minutes to loosen up before you walk through the front door of your home will help you to avoid making this scenario a part of your daily routine.  Rather than leaving work, driving home and rushing into your house, spend a few minutes sitting alone in your car while parked in the parking.


Use this time to relax, reconnect(As I say “Listen to Sielnce“) and remind yourself how much your partner and children need you and how many fun things you can do if you simply put your mind to it.

Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes…Including you.

Anne Lamott

Renew and Recharge

To further decompress, you could go for a quick walk around the block or listen to a favourite piece of music before you open the door and greet your family. Be creative and treat it as a chance to renew and recharge so you are the person your family wants you to be when you greet them.

Stay Away from The Phone

As they say “Offline” is a new luxury. Don’t be constantly available on your phone. Instead, sign out of your work email account, or switch off your phone on the commute. That way you can spend some time in relaxation, rather than taking your work home.

Create an “Extra Space”

Each partner in a relationship should maintain habits and times that allow them to explore their interests, relax and seek fulfilment, and find space outside of home and work. These spaces are different for everyone — quiet cafes, loud pubs or night out with friends but they are important for maintaining our identities and our sense of peace. Make the sacrifice of offering your partner an extra space to find themselves, maintain their friendships, and explore their interests, and ask that they do the same for you.


Work stress can be a challenge for home life but learning to manage stress with the support of your partner can keep the stress outside your home, which leads to better relationships and better physical and mental health. 

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